Homewood Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation committed to bringing theatrical productions to Homewood, as well as supporting the performing arts all over the metro Birmingham area. Birmingham has some really great theatre groups and many extremely talented performers, but sometimes it’s hard to know when everything is happening and how to pull it all off. We’ve all heard someone say, “I wish I had known that was going on. I would like to have seen it.” Or maybe you’ve heard about a show that is playing somewhere in Birmingham, but you’re just not sure about the location, or parking, or whatever. This is where we would like for Homewood Theatre to come in.
Homewood Theatre will strive to be a complementary addition to the Birmingham theatre environment. Like we said earlier, Birmingham already has good, quality theatres that present wonderful productions. We don’t need another theatre to pop up and attempt to duplicate what’s already available. So, Homewood Theatre is going to present smaller productions geared toward non-traditional niche theatre audiences. Then, deliver these performances in Homewood at an affordable price with easy access to parking and nearby restaurants. Additionally, make our scheduling flexible to be able to attract local performers by working around their busy schedules. In the end, Homewood Theatre audiences will be able to easily and safely park their car, walk to dinner at local restaurants, then walk back to see the most talented performers in Birmingham perform in unique, intimate theatre offerings.
Additionally, Homewood Theatre is going to actively promote productions at other theatres in town. We truly believe a rising tide lifts all boats when it comes to theatre. We would love to help get the word out about shows being produced at the local theatres, and possibly host some. Perhaps Homewood Theatre audiences would see a local performer and enjoy themselves so much they decide to catch this person’s next performance at another theatre.

Homewood Theatre is just getting started. It’s first production was "A Night of Music" featuring Amy Johnson (fresh from her performance in Red Mountain Theatre Company’s The Little Mermaid), Dana Porter (still rocking from The Dane’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at Birmingham Festival Theatre), and Kyle Bass (after a summer of Damn Yankees at the Virginia Samford Theatre).

Following that was productions such as "The Last Five Years", written and composed by Jason Robert Brown and starring Leah Luker, Chris Sams, and Elizabeth and Clint Pridgen. "Walk The Walk" featuring Scott Thorne and friends. The "Ugly Baby" improv comedy troupe. And the train just keeps on rolling.

Schedule & Tickets

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Hi, We're New

Homewood Theatre is excited… and a little apprehensive. We are starting slow, and we’re still in the “let’s gauge interest” stage. We consider you an official “Friend of Homewood Theatre”.

Want to Help?

We still need everything! We need volunteers, benefactors, ticket-buyers, performers. If you would like to help as we get this theatre off the ground, please email kyle@homewoodtheatre.com.


We are now located at Brookwood Mall in Homewood! We are inside across from the Books-A-Million, just off the food court. This will be our new permanent location starting with the 2019-20 season! View the map below for directions!